EugeneBioFrom hometown runaway, to oral surgeon to recording artist, Jimmy Eugene has done it all, and done it all quite well. But this much valued success has not come without many long years of trials, tribulations, minor setbacks and successes along the way.

After dropping out of school and hitchhiking from Texas to California, Jimmy joined the Navy where he was given the opportunity to attend school at Burroughs High School. In addition to attending school, Jimmy was a crash and rescueman at a naval air station. After returning home from the Navy, Jimmy’s loving mother guided him to receiving his GED, getting into college and eventually attending medical and dental school where he became a certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon.On December 16, 2005 the tables turned and it was Jimmy who needed to be rescued. He was the victim of a severe automobile accident that left him confined to a bed for several months. During his recovery, Jimmy explained that music began to flow in his head day and night. Although Jimmy remembered nothing about the night of December 16, 2005, he remembers the music in his head and pounds it out on acoustic guitars. Then, Jimmy went to a Nashville recording studio to record his easy listening album, “Call it Destiny.” Since his accident, Eugene has written more than 500 songs and plans on releasing more albums in the future.

Jimmy Eugene’s story is one of inspiration with the ability to reach people at all walks of life. His life emphasizes the value of making your own path and creating your future. His music reflects a lifetime of generosity, kindness, and a love for others. You can call it luck, you can call it chance, but Jimmy Eugene calls it destiny.